What’s new in Design

So I’m mostly been on the other side in the web development process.  Getting PSD’s from   designers and converting them into a website.  So the latest thing I’ve been exploring is called flexible design, also called fluid design, or even responsive design and by the very technicaly term progressive linearization.  Now as far as i can tell it all revolves around tags like

@media only screen and (max-width : 360px) and (orientation : portrait)

These let the designer specify certain css tags based on a particular screen width, so you can use the same front end code base to create multiple views for devices with different screen sizes.  I love the idea…it’s way better then having to create a separate mobile website and is way more reusable.  It seems like most of them are using %’s and em’s as well for variable size text and buttons, but I’m still getting a handle on that aspect.  There are also a new css  meta language called SASS that is getting very popular and a bunch of new css frameworks that support these flexible designs, like YAML.  My next new project is converting my affiliate website http://www.bestcellphonespyapp.com/ to YAML because most of the traffic there is coming from mobile phones, and the current layout is horrid for a phone sized screen.   Let me know your thoughts and experience on the subject.

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