Design and CSS….secret techniques of the CSS Masters

So I learned 2 things tonight…there’s an awesome tool to help evaluate your css and get you on the right track for when you create new css selectors, and that tool is CSS Lint and can be found at and is pretty cool….something else I learned is that although I’ve always thought id’s in selector’s made for faster css….I was wrong. The article that changed my thinking can be found at and is genius. Well thought out, and backed up by numbers.  He used this online app for analyzing the css and creating test cases.  Something I didn’t know, was that css selectors are evaulated right to left….definitely something to think about.  And finally….I found an interesting article on web fonts and making sure they display properly without the faux bold or italics. It comes down to adding additional references to the font-face……a possible solution if your designer is looking on his Mac and it doesn’t match what shows up on your PC…I know how picky designers can be.  Article can be found here: